Starting the process

Sometimes you can be working on something for ages, then realize you still have a long distance to go.  This is pretty much where I’m at now with my preparation to return to Japan.  Things do feel like they’re finally starting to come together, however.  For example, I just received my brochures, prayer cards and business cards from TEAM!

Currently, I am in the process of raising monthly partnership support.  To even start considering moving on to the next steps, I need to have enough support pledged every month.  This is no small task, but people have already begun offering their help and support.  The easiest ways to go about this going to my website, and following the link there to my page on the TEAM website.  You can also go to the TEAM website directly at, clicking Give Now and searching for my name.

Another big way to help is by simply introducing me to other people, small groups or churches you know with an interest in Japan or in missions.  If what I am doing inspires you at all, help me share that with others!  From full presentations to just sitting at a Starbucks and talking, if you can think of anyone who would like to hear about this, let me know, and let’s get together!

And of course, please be praying.  There is a lot in front of me still, and none of this is going to be easy.  More than anything else, it will be your prayers and God’s grace that will do the most to help me through all this.

Whatever role of partnership you help with, both prayers and giving, please let me know about it!  In fact, I even have a form set up here that you can let me know, and I can thank you personally.

Thank you all, and I’ll keep you updated with more developments!